1-Year Courses

These accredited courses provide you with a solid foundation of
biblical knowledge, church history and theology for
application in your everyday life.

Our 1-year courses lay biblical, theological and ministry foundations. They provide the ability to articulate the gospel and teach God’s Word at a basic level. Our 1-year courses are fully accredited by the Australian College of Theology (ACT) which means your qualification will be internationally recognised. It also means that FEE-HELP is available to eligible students. Details of the ACT Units we offer at Trinity are listed here.

Your suitability for a specific course will depend on your educational background, faith journey and study goals. After successful completion of your 1-Year course, eligible students can progress to the relevant 3-Year course with full credit.

If you want to enter long term Word-based ministry such as church pastor, missionary, youth worker, etc., we strongly encourage you to consider one of our 3-Year degrees on a full-time basis. This would allow you to be immersed in God’s Word and prepare you best for full-time ministry.