David Mitchell (MTh, 2018) is the first Trinity graduate to have their
dissertation published.

The book is called “The Son of Man in Mark’s Gospel: Exploring its Possible Connections with the Book of Ezekiel.”

Here’s the blurb: Many scholars disagree about what was meant by Jesus’s intriguing self-designation ὁ υἱὸς τοῦ ἀνθρώπου (the Son of Man). This book attempts to find some clarity by working through every example of the  phrase in the Gospel of Mark to determine how the phrase functions and  what it means in that narrative. While every use of the phrase is self-referential and describes Jesus and his ministry, the analysis yields three main distinctions in use of the phrase as well as three significant unifying features. The book then moves to explore whether, despite the skepticism of some scholars, there is some background for the phrase in the Book of Ezekiel’s use of [son of man] in relation to basic form and function and to thematic import.

David wrote this book while serving as senior minister at Dongara Anglican Church in Western Australia and its content was the thesis for a Master’s of Theology completed through Trinity. He now works with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students heading up a team at Curtin University.

Congratulations to David!