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Unit Descriptions

(A01) The Big Picture: Seeing the Bible as a Whole

The Bible is 66 books – and yet one book. What makes it hang together as one? What is it all about? This unit will give you the big picture of the Bible, so that you can see it as a whole. It will also give you the map of the Bible, so that you can find your way around in it without getting lost!

(A02) The Framework: Seeing Christian Truth as a Whole

What are the most important topics in the Bible and how do they relate? How do these topics apply to us today? This unit looks to answer these questions to see how all of Scripture is relevant for all of life!

(B01) Genesis: In the Beginning, God

What is Genesis all about? We know that it contains many ancient stories that speak of God, His work and His creation. But it is in these stories that we also find the foundation for understanding God’s saving plan through history. Come along and unpack the book of Genesis and see how God speaks through it to us today.

(B02) 1 & 2 Samuel: A King for God’s People

It is gripping to read the stories of King David’s life; of his fortunes and his reversals, his shrewdness and his foolishness, his faith and his sin. Dig out the treasures of I & II Samuel and see what kingship has to do with us today.

(B03) Isaiah: Confronted and Comforted

What could a book written thousands of years ago have to say about life today? Unpack the book of Isaiah to understand our place in God’s big plan for the world as it centres on Jesus, the suffering servant-king.

(B04) The Book of Psalms: Prayer, Praise and Jesus!

Which Old Testament book is the source of more quotes and ideas about Jesus and his people than any other? The book of Psalms is not only the prayer and song book of the Bible, but it’s a book that takes us to Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Expand your prayer life and your understanding of the gospel story by diving into the Psalms in this unit.

(B05) The Gospel of John: The Word Became Flesh

John wrote his gospel so that its readers might believe that ‘Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and by believing have life in His name.’ (John 20:31) Go deeper into John’s gospel and engage with Jesus and His abundant, eternal life!

(B06) Acts: The Unstoppable Gospel

From Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to the ends of the earth; since the resurrection and ascension of Christ the gospel has been advancing throughout the world. Investigate the book of Acts to see what it teaches us about God’s Kingdom, God’s King, and how its message speaks to us today!

(B07) Romans: The Gospel Unplugged

“I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…” (Rom 1:16). Paul’s letter to the Romans displays the beating heart of Christianity; the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Come and explore Romans and how this gospel saves and transforms us

(B08) Revelation: Life in the Last Days

Why do we have Revelation in our Bibles? Is it showing us something different from the other New Testament Books – or is it presenting the same Jesus and the same gospel? This unit investigates the message of Revelation and how it helps us to live the Christian life day by day.

(B09) Church History 1: Rise, Fall and Reform

Did Constantine really invent the Trinity in the fourth century? What can Luther teach us about making changes in church? This unit explores some of the major events of Christian history from Pentecost to the Reformation and draws out what they can teach us about ourselves as Christians today.

(B10) Church History 11: The Church versus the World

Reformation, revolution and revival; how have past movements such as these impacted the Church? This unit focuses on the history of the Church from 1550 to today. Examine some of the past’s major events, issues and people to see what they can teach us about ourselves and what influence they have on the spread of the gospel today.

(B11) 1 Corinthians: Between the Cross and the Resurrection

It is hard to imagine a church with more problems than the one in Corinth—rivalries, chaos in their gatherings, lawsuits between members, sexual immorality, and even people dying because of sin. This unit dives into 1 Corinthians helping us understand what Christian life should be like in the time between Jesus’ cross and the resurrection of the dead.

(C01) Living in God’s Grace: The Christian Life

How do we live with God in a way that is right, and rich, and real? The key is the Grace of God! This unit investigates and celebrates what God’s grace means and does.

(C02) Dealing with Current Issues

Christians regularly face tough moral questions from life in our society. How do Christians resolve issues to do with topics such as marriage, divorce, sexuality, work, equality, and justice? Come and discover how believers understand and answer common moral dilemmas from a biblical viewpoint.

(C03) Foundations for Faithful Youth Ministry: What Young People Need

How important is youth ministry? What should it look like? Why do we do the things we do? This unit explores how we can help young people grow as solid disciples of our Lord Jesus. Explore what the Bible says about running a faithful youth ministry.

NB. The focus of this unit is youth, rather than children’s, ministry.

(C05) Evangelism: Talking about Jesus

‘How can they believe in Jesus if they haven’t heard of him?’ (Rom 10:14) We live in a context where most haven’t heard the gospel of Jesus clearly. In this unit we will clarify the gospel and explore practical ways to do everyday evangelism, so that those we know can hear, understand and believe.

(C06) Teaching the Bible to Others

Want to know how to better understand the Bible, run Bible studies or give Bible talks? This unit will show you how to understand, explain and apply the Bible effectively, for yourself and to others.

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