Certificate of Ministry
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Our Certificate of Ministry complements our 3-year courses with further training in practical ministry skills and is a non-ACT-accredited program. During this program you will be taught by a range of external people engaged in different types of Word-based ministry, in addition to our Faculty members. The Certificate of Ministry is not covered by FEE-Help.

Who is it for?

  • This certificate is exclusive to students enrolled in a Bachelor of Theology or Master of Divinity, or who have already completed one of those degrees.
  • All full-time 1 and 3-year course students at Trinity enrol in the Certificate of Ministry alongside their degree. Part time students are also encouraged to do so.

Students need to successfully complete the following units:

  • CM01 Biblical Theology: An Introduction
  • CM02 Foundations for Systematic Theology
  • CM03 Evangelism
  • CM04 Worldviews
  • CM05 Christian Leadership
  • CM06 Cross Cultural Mission
  • CM07 College Mission A
  • CM08 College Mission B

Most work for Certificate of Ministry units is completed in class. Students may be asked to do a maximum of 3 hours work in total outside of class.

All full-time students are automatically enrolled in the Certificate of Ministry alongside their degree. Part-time students are strongly encouraged to do so. Please contact our Registrar if you have any questions.