Dear Friends,

Like most of you, this year will be the first in our Christian lives when we have not gathered with God’s people to ponder the wondrous love of God displayed at the cross and celebrated his resurrection power in song. I have been feeling this upcoming gap all week. Then I realised that we still enjoy many freedoms—like the freedom to send an email and use the word “Christian”—which tens of thousands of our brothers and sisters around the world have never enjoyed.

So with them, and perhaps with greater appreciation than before, let’s plan to enjoy fellowship with Christ (and with one another) through his Word and Spirit as we meditate on the gospel accounts of Jesus’s death and resurrection this Easter. Let’s read these chapters slowly and prayerfully, pausing at the Garden of Gethsemane, the betrayal, the scourging, the trials, the mocking, and so on, marvelling again at how great was the price and how deep was the love that accomplished our salvation. And let’s do this all again on Easter Sunday, having our hearts warmed as we see the fulfilment of all of God’s promises in the risen Christ.

And may our Lord Jesus draw others to himself as his gospel is beamed into lounge rooms through the online ministry of many hundreds of churches across our country and many other places. And may our God shower his grace and mercy on those who are afflicted or affected by COVID-19 at this time.

With every blessing in Christ,