Our pastoral care group went to St Lawrence’s Anglican Church in Dalkeith for mission week. While the COVID-19 situation rapidly influenced our schedule, the group managed to spend about 2.5 days with Peter Smith,
Mark Grobicki (MDiv 2012), and their team at Dalkeith.

We started out on Sunday morning at their 9am service, consisting mainly of older parishioners and some families. While Javis and Sam were helping out in creche and kids church, the rest of us stayed in the service. To our surprise, we found that Thom Bull is actually Reverend Thom Bull as he shared his testimony to the congregation that morning. We were then warmly welcomed into various houses of church members for morning tea and lunch. It was a great time for us to get to know members of the church, and tell them our stories. Later we reconvened back at the church for their evening service which had a younger vibe to it. Kieran shared his testimony and we all enjoyed hearing how God had worked in his life to bring him to himself.

Monday morning started with time spent with the church team as we read through 2 Corinthians together, focusing on the topic of ministry. Some of us were fortunate to visit Methodist Ladies College to share our testimonies and answer questions in their Year 11 worldview and Year 12 ethics classes. After lunch, we found out that many Bible study groups, who had invited us to be a part of their meetings, were being cancelled. Joe had an impromptu time of reading the Bible with one of the members of the church. Some of us managed to attend a state-wide prayer meeting with other Anglican  churches and one of us got to attend the one Bible study group that had not cancelled their plans.

On Tuesday Hannah and Thom attended a Bible study group at the church while the rest of us continued working through 2 Corinthians with Pete and the team. We couldn’t go doorknocking as planned so we put leaflets out into neighbouring letterboxes. As we joined another meeting with the church staff after lunch, we were told by Thom that Mission Week was  officially being called off. We all had to say our socially distanced goodbyes, sanitise our hands and head home.

Whilst our time on Mission was cut short, our group is so thankful to the team and members of St Lawrence’s Anglican. They were so hospitable towards us and gracious in allowing us to be a part of their ministry. As Jeremy put it, our time with them was incredibly sweet. Although plans changed regularly, we felt privileged to have been able to participate in the kingdom work that St Lawrence’s Anglican is doing for the sake of Jesus.

Debbie Yong
Student (MDiv)