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The Framework: Seeing Christian Truth as a Whole

Term 3 [email protected] Unit

with Matt Harding

What are the most important topics in the Bible and how do they relate? How do these topics apply to us today? This unit looks to answer these questions to see how all of Scripture is relevant to all of life!

Tuesdays | 7:30-9:30pm | 01 Aug – 12 Sep (NB; NO LECTURE 22 Aug)
Trinity House, 632 Newcastle Street | LEEDERVILLE

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The Framework: Seeing Christian Truth as a Whole

Term 3 [email protected] Unit with Matt Harding What are the most important topics in the…

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Dealing with Current Issues

Term 3 [email protected] Unit with David Mitchell Christians regularly face tough moral questions from life…

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“I’m supportive of Trinity because of its gospel-centered, bible-based and ministry focussed approach.”

Joshua vdK

“Trinity is committed to evangelical theological education.”

John D

“We believe in Trinity’s goals and philosophy and have had a couple of family members graduate.”

John and Robyn L

“Trinity is a strategic centre for holistic and robust theological training in Perth and beyond.”

James B

“Trinity is biblical and evangelical in its teaching.

Jacob and Yee She L

“I am concerned that new generations of Christians be equipped for service and this is ably done by Trinity.”

Ian M

“We value the fact that Trinity is not a denominational college, and that it makes a valuable contribution to the Perth Christian community at large through community events and activities.”

Graham and Alison M

“It is important for us to know that we are supporting the training of gospel workers for Perth and beyond so that God’s people can be well taught, lives changed and many come to know him and want to spend their lives serving him.”

Gillian and Martin K

“Faithful support of Trinity is essential to see sound biblical training for future pastors and leaders who can reach people with the gospel of Jesus.”

George and Betty C

“Trinity trains pastors and leaders who are faithful to God’s word, preaching Jesus Christ and him crucified.”

Betty H


8:30am – 5:00pm
Mondays to Fridays
Closed on public holidays

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