Don West, Principal of TTC, was set for a trip to Busselton for a Trinity in Town event to teach our Certificate in Christian Studies (CCS) unit Prayer, Praise & Jesus! The Book of Psalms. But with the coronavirus putting a stop to that, he instead “Zoomed” all over the state from Karratha to Tenterden and much in between!

Don was sustained through the day by the Holy Spirit (and some 70% Lindt), and he put the students to work in breakout rooms to identify elements of the Psalms and work through how they point to Jesus. It was so encouraging to see that the down-up pattern of many of the Psalms (Lament to Praise) was also the pattern of Jesus’ life and is the pattern of the Christian life.

What did the students think of the day?

It encouraged me to keep walking with my gracious Lord, ever thankful for his great provision to us. I was so encouraged that humble, faithful and engaging teaching is around. I pray that TTCs influence grows and grows because the strong commitment to God’s word.” – Jo

“As I better see what Psalms fit to each part of the pattern and read them, I gain more language to express my feelings and thoughts to God in prayer, something that is often quite difficult to do.” – Mal