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The library currently holds more than 29,500 books. The strength of the collection lies in biblical studies, church history, theology and ethics. There are also a significant number of books in other subject areas such as pastoral ministry, preaching, youth and missions. Besides these, the library has theses, CDs, DVDs and electronic resources.

Reference materials
A wide selection of encyclopaedias, dictionaries, atlases and bibles are available. These items are for reference only and cannot be borrowed from the library; however, there are some e-books which can be accessed by students and staff.

There are around 60 current, printed journals available for reference only. These items cannot be removed from the library.

Databases – articles, e-journals, e-books, online resources: e-resources require login
Trinity Library has access to over 900 electronic journals via the following subscribed databases:

The following e-book databases are available:

Access to electronic resources are available both on and off site. Please see our Guides for more information.

We also have open access content from around 150 collections.

There is a limited but growing collection of CDs and DVDs available for loan in areas from archaeology to preaching to church history.

Parker Collection
The library has a collection of 50 original volumes published by the Parker Society in the 19th century “for the publication of the Works of the Fathers and Early Writers of the Reformed English Church” in Britain. These cannot be removed from the library. The collection does not include the miscellaneous items, Poetry (1845), Christian Prayers and Holy Meditations (1842), Private Prayers during Elizabeth I (1851) and Liturgies & Prayers during Elizabeth I (1847) except for the Two Liturgies 1549 & 1552 (1844).

Trinity Library values book donations. Please see our Donation Policy for more information, prior to making a donation.