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“Theological education Through Trinity is vital for the church to grow and remain faithful to Jesus.”

Oliver and Sophie M

“I consider solid teaching of scripture as done by Trinity, especially as it applies to church leaders, to be essential for the growth of the church.”

Dean P

“Trinity is an important part of the mission of the church, equipping the saints for ministry.”

Steven D

“Trinity faithfully teaches the Bible and trains people for gospel-centered ministry. It prepares people intellectually, spiritually, and practically for Word ministries.”

Sharon H

“Trinity does precious work training up people to minister in a variety of contexts, and grounding them solidly in the scriptures and in loving and serving the Lord.  I’m convinced of the integrity and faithfulness of the college leadership.”

Sally S

“I believe in Trinity’s mission and the integrity of its work.”

Margaret M

“Trinity unashamedly has the gospel of the Scriptures as its foundation.”

Mike F

“I’m supportive of Trinity because of its gospel-centered, bible-based and ministry focussed approach.”

Joshua vdK

“Trinity is committed to evangelical theological education.”

John D

“We believe in Trinity’s goals and philosophy and have had a couple of family members graduate.”

John and Robyn L

“Trinity is a strategic centre for holistic and robust theological training in Perth and beyond.”

James B

“I am concerned that new generations of Christians be equipped for service and this is ably done by Trinity.”

Ian M

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