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Evangelising Youth

“When my father was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer whilst I was at uni in the UK, I had to evaluate what I really did believe about the Christianity I was brought up with. It was clear to me that it is real and therefore I needed to do something about it. I had been a school teacher for a while but upon the recommendation of a friend, my wife and I came to Perth to work for a church, and subsequently where I studied at Trinity. I found that Trinity does exactly what it says it does; equips the head, heart and hands. The size of the College meant that I got to know the other students and lecturers really well, so much so that 6 years on we still meet up a couple of times a year to pray and encourage each other. The lecturers’ depth of understanding and godliness had a huge impact on my life and my own godliness and although the process won’t be complete until the next life, the strong foundations were laid. The training I received prepared me to have the confidence to take the Bible into a variety of ministries, for which I am extremely grateful. For the past 10 years I have been in the local church, and am currently making disciples through school groups and holiday camps to help school students know Jesus.”

Ed Surrey (MDiv)

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