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Preparing People for Effective Christian Service

You can choose from our selected range of accredited courses for solid grounding in the Bible and a unique student experience.

Trinity Sharpened my Skills and Convictions

I grew up in a Christian home in the Philippines and Albany before moving to Perth for uni. I became involved with the campus Christian group at Curtin Uni and there became convinced of the real need for people to know Jesus and the salvation he offers. After working for several years and doing a ministry apprenticeship, I realised I still had a lot to learn and so chose Trinity to study as I knew some of the lecturers and graduates and trusted them. I loved being part of the College community and studying alongside others who love Jesus.

I deeply appreciated how ministry focused our lecturers were—we were taught with the end in sight. It was very clear how what we were learning would impact and shape our ministries. Trinity sharpened my skills and convictions to serve faithfully in total dependence on God.

Chris Metcalf (MDiv)


Laying ministry foundations from God’s Word in the context of fellowship and prayer.

Our purpose is to prepare men and women for ministry that upholds, proclaims, and is shaped by the Gospel of Christ. The doctrinal basis of the College distills the fundamental truths of Christianity as revealed in the Bible, and our approach is to integrate head, heart, and hands for life-long ministry in the real world.

Don West
Thom Bull
Lecturer in Theology
Dan Cole
Lecturer in New Testament
David Kummerow
Lecturer in Old Testament
Grant Taylor
Academic Dean and Lecturer in New Testament

“Theological education Through Trinity is vital for the church to grow and remain faithful to Jesus.”

Oliver and Sophie M

“I consider solid teaching of scripture as done by Trinity, especially as it applies to church leaders, to be essential for the growth of the church.”

Dean P

“I’m a former student who values immensely my time a Trinity and I continue to think it is a Christ-honouring and strategic ministry.”

Tom R

“Trinity is an important part of the mission of the church, equipping the saints for ministry.”

Steven D

“Trinity faithfully teaches the Bible and trains people for gospel-centered ministry. It prepares people intellectually, spiritually, and practically for Word ministries.”

Sharon H

“Trinity does precious work training up people to minister in a variety of contexts, and grounding them solidly in the scriptures and in loving and serving the Lord.  I’m convinced of the integrity and faithfulness of the college leadership.”

Sally S

“Trinity’s commitment to the gospel changed me, and changes others.”

Peter R

“I want to see God’s word spread; ‘The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few’. Trinity offers great training.”

Penny F

“I believe in Trinity’s mission and the integrity of its work.”

Margaret M

“Trinity unashamedly has the gospel of the Scriptures as its foundation.”

Mike F


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