The College is aware that there will be many prayer needs in our community over the coming months. We want to ensure that despite any physical isolation we may be feeling, our community feels supported and encouraged. So we have created a way for us to be praying for each other.

Please feel free to pray for the people and needs below. If you would like your prayer request added to the list, or would like to join our prayer team, simply use the form below or email and put PRAYER in the subject heading.

All prayers will be anonymous – first names only.

God bless you all!

Trinity Supporters & Community

Praise God for:

  • the ‘new’ people joining the North Coast Church congregation via Zoom – the Gospel is reaching more people than ever!
  • many people joining Zoom Bible studies in India from Hindu and Muslim backgrounds
  • people still joining the church despite the inconvenience of Zoom
  • the aged in WA care facilities being kept safe
  • churches experiencing significantly more involvement in online Bible studies and worship services, even in other states and countries
  • former students who have confidence in the gospel because of Trinity and feel well equipped for evangelism
  • several people who having disconnected from church in their youth have rung pastors seeing their need to reconnect
  • churches remaining connected to their congregations
  • members of the community who are more aware of their neighbours who need assistance to manage at this time
  • his ultimate control and plan through this time; it hasn’t taken him by surprise!
  • technology allowing the community to stay connected and for the personnel with the skills to teach how to use it

Pray for:


  • St Kilda-Balaclava Presbyterian Church, and all churches in Victoria; that they will be spared full impact of Covid-19 in their church family
  • the people on the ‘fringe’ of church; that they would continue to connect with their church family
  • converting training, youth, children’s and other programs to be delivered via Zoom or YouTube
  • maintaining contact with the quieter, more retiring congregants
  • and pastoral teams; that they would have wisdom to serve and comfort their older congregants well
  • to support elderly Christians unable to attend their regular church and without access to technology which would enable this
  • to successfully utilise technology to maintain homegroups


  • Aiden and Alfinda Herman whose departure date for North Macedonia has been delayed until restrictions have been eased; for patience, for God to go before them when applying for new visas and for the Roma people whom they will be serving and who rely on the daily ability to work.
  • ‘n’ and ‘l’ who have completed their missionary training studies and are in their support-raising phase (postponed); that God would help them raise the required funds despite the difficult times
  • Robert and Shelley Chapman (Tom and Luis) missionaries in Mexico; for safety and wisdom

Our Community:

  • Stacey Hewson; for quick healing for a broken leg without the need for surgical intervention
  • nurses and chaplains going into aged care facilities; that they remain vigilant with infection control
  • those seeking employment in these difficult times
  • wisdom to determine the future of student ministry and how to do evangelism via an online mode
  • parents with children with special needs; that they would be granted an extra portion of grace and patience as they manage ‘staying at home’
  • those studying within the confines of home with children also being home-schooled; that everyone would receive the time they need to be effective
  • the opportunity coronavirus has afforded us to see our need of a Saviour
  • students and employees managing the logistics of working from home with small children and limited space
  • patience for people as they isolate during this time; that they would enjoy time with family and activities at home that they normally don’t have time for
  • elderly relatives in care homes who can no longer receive visitors
  • nurses and care workers under an increased workload; that they would have the capacity to provide adequate care for their charges

Our Country:

  • our Prime Minister, the state Premiers, medical workers, church leaders and others in leadership positions; for guidance and wisdom in their efforts to keep us safe

Our World:

  • people in poorer, more densely populated countries; for relief to be available for them
  • a vaccine to be found
  • those in refugee camps and under-developed countries; that measures can be implemented to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection and that sufficient medical assistance would be available


Trinity Students & Alumni

Praise God for:

  • our graduates faithfully serving their ministry communities
  • the opportunities our students had at Mt Barker Baptist and St Lawrence’s Dalkeith during Mission Week
  • our students who are so encouraging
  • that early classes have gone well

Pray for:

  • Jocelyn; that the compound fracture to her leg would heal quickly and well and that she will have full functionality
  • our alumni; for wisdom to take the opportunities that present themselves to say a word in season to lead people to Christ
  • our alumni; that they would continue to teach faithfully and care pastorally for God’s people
  • opportunities to reach out to more people with the gospel
  • our alumni who have lost their employment due to the effects of the coronavirus
  • our graduates to continue to put their faith and trust in the one who knows the end from the beginning
  • our graduates in local churches leading their congregations through this time of uncertainty and turmoil
  • students as they and the College navigate the implications of Coronavirus on their studies and day-to-day activities
  • students as they transition to remote learning and their studies would not be disrupted too much
  • our students that they will learn deeply and in a life-changing way from the Scriptures

Trinity Theological College

Praise God for:

  • the opportunities to minister to people that the COVID-19 situation presents
  • the godly leadership of the College
  • the Trinity Women network; the support that is available for women in ministry positions or support roles
  • regular prayer and financial supporters
  • his sustaining grace for Faculty with their teaching and recent Mission Week responsibilities

Pray for:

  • people living in the country with inferior internet coverage and in particular, churches, managing the challenges this presents continuing connection with their members
  • our COVID-19 team as they make decisions and bring them into effect that godliness and wisdom will prevail
  • that the transition to online learning modes would be seamless in both technology and process
  • for Faculty as they up-skill in order to present lectures to students via Zoom
  • that our library resources can still be accessed by students – the scanning process would go well
  • godly wisdom for Council, Don, Grant and Joe making decisions in the best interests of the College in line with government and ACT advice
  • our volunteers, unable to assist us during this time
  • Trinity Women to maintain support for women even though it is not possible to meet
  • relationships to be developed with more churches; that they would partner with Trinity
  • people to respond to the Commencement Appeal during the final fortnight
  • the Registrar Department; that they can ensure compliance with all course requirements for students

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