We are living in a time in which there is no shortage of speculation  concerning what the future might hold, and we’re all experiencing a fair  level of uncertainty as a result. But in the midst of speculation about the  possibilities, we who belong to the crucified, risen, and enthroned Lord  Jesus know what the future certainly holds. Christ’s gospel will be preached  to every nation. His kingdom will increase and be established over all. He will gather his elect, and build and preserve his Church. We might be put  into isolation, but the gospel can never be locked up in isolation! God will  accomplish his purposes for the future – and, he will provide workers for the cause.

This reality came home to us in such an encouraging way at our semester 1 Info Night, which was held via Zoom on Wednesday the 13th of May. Fifteen prospective students, from twelve different churches, joined us to find out  more about Trinity – to learn about our courses, to hear from current and  past students about their experiences of study and of the college  community, and to explore how Trinity might serve in equipping them for  the work of the gospel in their own ministry contexts.

In a situation in which so much in our world has changed, here was a  reminder that the Lord of the Harvest does not change, and nor do his  purposes. He continues to lay the ministry of the gospel upon people’s  hearts, and to raise up workers for his church and his world where the  fields are white and ready for harvest.

Thom Bull
Lecturer in Theology


You can watch the recording of Info Night here.

Applications for Semester 2 are still open! If you’d like to inquire, message our registrar office now.