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Sarah Booker

Making Sense of the Bible

Sarah Booker graduated from our Certificate of Christian Studies course in 2021 and has now gone on to further studies with Trinity, enrolling in our Graduate Diploma of Divinity. Here she looks back at her time learning through Trinity@Night.

“I am from Perth and am married to Simon, we have two children Oscar and Isla, and I work part-time as a GP. I enrolled in a Trinity at night course as I was interested in digging deeper into the Bible and the 2 hour evening session worked well as a time to attend.

“The first unit I did was The Big Picture: Seeing the Bible as a Whole, and while I at first thought this sounded like an ambitious topic, it piqued my interest and I signed up. I was so glad I did; the sessions were very engaging and interactive, and Simon (van Bruchem) was able to tackle a wide variety of questions that were thrown at him with knowledgeable answers. This unit was a real revelation to me in understanding how the whole Bible fitted together and how the Old and New Testaments complimented each other and reflected the same God with grace and judgement clearly shown throughout both testaments.

I had grown up in a Christian family and always attended church, I knew a lot of the Bible stories but I didn’t really have any framework as to how everything was connected and to be honest found it hard to understand the relevance of large parts of the Bible. So, with this new knowledge I became a lot more excited about the Bible because it suddenly made sense how everything fitted together.

I then signed up for further units and have found them all to be of high quality and have really enjoyed the journey of finding out more of God’s Word. As a result, I now feel a lot better equipped to discuss Bible topics and questions. My husband and I are now leading a Bible study group at our church. I would highly recommend Trinity’s Certificate in Christian Studies to anyone interested in looking at the Bible in greater depth.”

Sarah Booker
GradDipDiv Student

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