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Many women in ministry came to TWED

Trinity Women Enrichment Day

Over 100 women gathered late March for Trinity Women Enrichment Day 2021. I’m sure I speak not only for myself when I say we were quite excited to be able to meet together after last year’s cancellation of many events where we would normally joyfully  catch up as Christian women. There was also a good representation from our country sisters.

TWED is for women in ministry, TTC alumni, students and staff and wives of the same.

Fiona Millar flew in from Queensland and it was touch and go whether she would be impacted by snap changes in border controls
after the small outbreak over there. Thankfully we received the notes and audio for Fiona’s first session which flew through the Biblical basis of forgiveness – forgiven sinners is our identity, forgiveness shapes us and our lives, and what forgiveness is and  isn’t. Fiona’s workshop Helping Others Forgive drew introspection, tears and we reviewed some challenging case studies. The  aim was to help us sit with others in their suffering. The final session with Fiona, Can’t Forgive, Won’t Forgive, addressed bitterness, comfort and reminded us ‘forgiven people are forgiving people’. In addition, one of TTC’s alumni missionaries shared about her ministry in the Middle East. The conversation drew out how forgiveness plays out a little differently in the majority  Muslim culture.

Drawing on the wonderful range of women in ministry in WA, we had the option to participate in a great range of workshops. The practical workshops included core ministry convictions, burnout, and the areas of evangelism and pastoral care. Those of us who participated in TWED 2021 extend our appreciation to the committee, their volunteers and the hardworking TTC staff. I heartily  commend TWED 2022 to you.

Léni-Jo McMillan

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